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The kBox4 Pro Advanced System is our most commonly bought system. Including a wide set of accessories, it opens up great loading potential.



The kBox4 Pro Platform is the premium device included in all kBox5 Pro systems. It is used to build premium flywheel training systems, ideal for professional sports teams and demanding fitness clubs & physiotherapy clinics.

Being the premium model of the kBox5 product line, it offers a built-in kMeter II feedback system, ample room to maneuver as well as the market leading maximum inertia capacity of 0.280 kgm².


The Exxentric kMeter II is our wireless science-based feedback system for flywheel training.


The kMeter II comes built-in with all kBox5 ProkBox5 Lite and kPulley devices since May 2018, and it is available to buy as an add-on to the kBox5 Active.

The kMeter II system is developed specifically to accurately monitor power and energy as well as estimate force during strength training on the kBox. It is used by coaches and physiotherapists as well as directly by athletes and patients.


This system includes the following items:


kBox Pro Platform


kMeter Module II


Angle Adjuster

Flywheel 0.010 kgm²

Flywheel 0.025 kgm²

Flywheel 0.050 kgm² 

Flywheel 0.050 kgm2 x 2

Hip Belt (size standard)

Harness (size XS-S-M-L-XL)

Ankle Cuffs



Foot Block

Flywheel Bag


The kBox5 Pro Advanced System opens up even greater loading potential with accessible inertia levels ranging from 0.010 kgm² to 0.175 kgm² and a set of five Harnesses ideal for group settings where maximum power development and eccentric overload are sought after. The kBar is an inhouse favourite, which is perfect for deadlifts, biceps curls, zercher squats, shoulder press exercises and more. For isolated lower body exercises such as knee pulls, hamstring curls and leg extensions it’s crucial to have a pair of Ankle Cuffs. The Flywheel Bag in this system allows you to keep you Flywheels in order and it’s critical for users who need their kBox system to be portable.

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kBox4Pro Advanced

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